• Step 1,Heat machine

    Using an FDA approved Heat machine, your technician will dehydrate the head lice and their eggs. This process effectively kills 99.97% of all lice and feels like a warm head massage!

  • Step 2,Comb through

    Our highly trained technician will expertly remove the dead eggs and lice from the hair. Using organic lice preventative conditioner and the highest quality lice comb to comb through each section of your hair until you are 100% lice free!

  • Step 3 Lice Free!

    Once you are lice free, our technician will leave a moisturizing, chemical free hair mask in your hair to help heal the scalp and soothe any remaining itchiness you may have. This mask will act as a lice preventative, allowing you to clean household items that may be affected by headlice without the worry of catching them again!

  • Standard Lice Treatment $150

    The full treatment including Heat machine, comb through and finishing gel. 100% Guaranteed. This treatment takes about an hour depending on the hair length and thickness.

  • Express Treatment $90

    The express treatment includes an indepth comb through from an expert lice technician, followed by the finishing gel. Although it is not 100% Guaranteed, this treatment is more suitable for younger children with thinner hair who may not need a heat machine treatment.

  • Lice Check $20

    Ask your lice technician for a headlice check! They will perform a thorough head check to make sure you are lice free!

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