Lice Lady Products

View the Lice Lady Line and get professional grade products delivered right to your door! Organic Lice treatment products that treat lice without harming your hair health
  • "Lice Can Jump!"

    Head lice can NOT jump or fly! They are expert crawlers and spread easily through head to head contact.

    Sharing Hair brushes or hats are also commons way to catch headlice!

    Headlice have one goal - MULTIPLY! To increase their chance of survival they will crawl wherever they need in order to lay eggs and grow.

  • "Lice are dirty creatures"

    Contrary to this believe, the cleaner your hair is, the more likely it is to catch headlice!

    As Lice can hold their breath for 8 hours, washing your hair does not help remove them. And headlice are much m ore attracted to clean healthy hair as it is a much better environment for them to thrive in.

  • "Lice are not that common or "normal"

    Headlice globally affect millions of people per year. In Australia, 1 in every 3 primary aged students will have lice at any given time. In America, up to 12 million kids a year get headlice! It is extremely common and actually signifies a healthy social life in a childs school experience.

What are SUPER LICE?

Due to overtreatment and misdiagnosis of headlice, lice have developed genetic adaptions to common treatments. Coining the hard to kill species "super lice". They are chemically immune and almost impossible to remove without professional help. If you find yourself treating headlice repetitively with no results, you may have super lice!

The ONE product you need to remove lice at home

Head lice OR Super lice, both require a professional grade metal lice comb to help you through the removal process. Purchase yours today and have it delivered straight to your door for easy at home lice solutions!